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Stopping Illegal Robocalls Where They Start
Making A Bad Day Worse

Making a Very Bad Day Even Worse

Today I heard from my long-time friend Mary. Her adult son Jon died several hours ago from a massive aortic aneurysm. He was 46 years old and otherwise healthy.

As Mary explained to me how the tragedy had unfolded, she mentioned that she had received several calls this morning from a number she didn’t recognize. She didn’t answer; she told me that’s her protocol now that she gets so many robocalls.

When she finally did pick up, she learned it was the hospital calling, reaching out to next-of-kin to advise of the grave situation. I don’t know if the hospital got Mary’s number from Jon’s phone, or if Jon was able to tell them. Jon was pronounced dead a few hours later.

Of course, Mary wished she’d answered the original call. Today must be the worst day of her life, losing her only son. I’m so ashamed that robocalls made it even a little bit worse.

Our phone network has been taken hostage and now is the time to get it back.

I’ve known Jon since he was eight years old. Rest in peace.

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