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Stopping Illegal Robocalls Where They Start

Best Practices When On-Boarding New Customers

Most providers do not permit their customers to:

  • Initiate new calls at a high rate (many calls per second)
  • Sustain a large number of simultaneous calls
  • Use any value for Caller-ID

Most providers set defaults for new customers such that the service is difficult to abuse.

When a customer requests service capabilities beyond those required by a typical small business, the provider usually seeks justification including a detailed explanation of the calls to be placed. Caller-ID values are screened against a list supplied by the customer and verified by the provider; that’s easier than determining the “intent” of the call as specified in the regulations.

For any customer requesting exceptional service capabilities, many providers will require:

  • Full business contact details (physical address, email, phone)
  • Company registration
  • Business credit check
  • Web site
  • Customer and/or trade references

Advise customers at the outset that their calls must be legal. Bind them to this contractually; obtain their affirmation that they are familiar with applicable regulations and will abide by them. Let them know that their identity and calling patterns will be shared if their calls are non-compliant.

Customers outside the United States must still comply with all US laws and regulations. Most providers take special care before permitting a non-US customer to use US-based Caller-ID.

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