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Stopping Illegal Robocalls Where They Start

RRAPTOR Live at the SIP Forum’s STIR/SHAKEN Enterprise Summit Oct. 18

The SIP Forum’s twice-yearly events have been the place to go for the latest insights on STIR/SHAKEN.

The week of October 17, they will hold their Enterprise Summit virtual event. It will be free to attend, just as their spring SIPNOC event was. SIPNOC drew an impressive audience with plenty of useful information being shared.

ZipDX has a session on Tuesday, the 18th, at 4 PM Eastern, devoted to our new robocall surveillance system, RRAPTOR. Here’s the outline:

This webinar will explain how RRAPTOR works and show what it is finding – about robocalls specifically but also more generally how Call Authentication is working in the real world and what gaps remain, and will cover:

  • Beyond Attestation: Tracking Who Signs Calls
  • RRAPTOR Overview with Live Demo
  • What RRAPTOR Is Showing Us, including Signing Practices Good & Bad, Robocall Trends, Defective Signatures, and STIR/SHAKEN Gaps
  • RRAPTOR As a Real-Time Monitoring Tool for Providers

Please join us. The registration link is active. Like I said, it’s F-R-double-E.

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