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Stopping Illegal Robocalls Where They Start

Before the Senate Special Committee on Aging

I was invited to testify at a Senate Special Committee on Aging. This 17-July event was their 23rd hearing on robocalls, if you can believe it. This Committee has long had an interest in illegal robocalls, because so many of these scammers target the elderly.

It was a great experience for me, not just for the interactions with the Senators during the hearing, but also the prep work I did with Mark LeDuc. Mark is the point person for Senator Collins, who chairs the committee. I also enjoyed meeting the other witnesses.

It went well – I think it was useful. My emphasis was, as always, stopping these calls at the source, and in particular using the handful of small telecom providers that enable the illegal robocallers to as a chokepoint.

I’ve been asked to provide further input to the Committee about what the legislators might do to further this approach.

Here’s a link to the full hearing (about 90 minutes), also a shorter version that just has their interactions with me.

David Frankel address to Senate Committee on Aging – 17 July 2019 from ZipDX LLC on Vimeo.

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