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Stopping Illegal Robocalls Where They Start

The ZipDX Toolbox

June 30, 2023RRAPTOR Takes on Fraudulent Utility Calls
March 22, 2023Best Practices for Lead Generators
October 5, 2022Attestation Inflation – The ABC’s of Signing Calls
September 28, 2022RRAPTOR Live at the SIP Forum’s STIR/SHAKEN Enterprise Summit Oct. 18
September 26, 2022KYC & RMD Go Hand-in-Glove: How the Robocall Mitigation Database is an Integral Part of Proper Know-Your-Customer Diligence
July 24, 2022FCC Says Neighbor Spoofing Is Illegal
July 11, 2022Hanging Up On Dialer Traffic
June 19, 2022Stir/Shaken Puts Your Reputation On The Line
January 30, 2022This Is Not Effective Robocall Mitigation
January 30, 2022Probable Cause, One State at a Time
October 25, 2021Shouldn’t Neighbor Spoofing Be Illegal? Wait! It Already Is!
September 17, 2021Myth-Busting Call Blocking
August 30, 2021Learning Lessons from Text Messaging
August 15, 2021Dialer Traffic in the Spotlight
July 11, 2021Introducing the ZipDX Robocall Mitigation Database Explorer
April 22, 2021TCPA Has Lawyers Dialing the Wrong Number
April 22, 2021Money: The Fuel Behind Illegal Robocalls
April 21, 2021Segmenting the Robocall Landscape
March 30, 2021Putting the FCC’s Robocall Mitigation Database to Work
March 16, 2021Structuring an Effective Robocall Mitigation Program
March 14, 2021FCC: Restoring Trust in the Public Telephone Network
September 3, 2020FCC Solicits More Comments on Robocalling — Here’s a Summary
December 25, 2019On Point Radio takes on Robocalls
December 25, 2019Should the Bell Toll for Ringless Voicemail?
December 24, 2019Fighting One-Ring Scams
December 9, 2019Federal TRADE Commission Goes After Robocall Enabler
November 23, 2019The Robocall Scourge is a Choice
November 8, 2019Chairman Pai Complicit in Illegal Robocalling
September 29, 2019The How and Why Of Illegal Robocalling
August 7, 2019The Robocall Pledge
July 28, 2019Before the Senate Special Committee on Aging
June 21, 2019LA Sen Kennedy Spot On w/ Q’s to FTC and FCC Chairmen
May 22, 2019My Suggestion for a Declaratory Ruling
May 19, 2019Stopping the Phone Hijackers
May 19, 2019Is the FCC Declaratory Ruling Off Target?
April 29, 2019Broken Laws
April 24, 2019How Many Laws Does It Take to Stop A Robocall?
April 8, 2019STIR/SHAKEN: Are We Drinking Too Much Kool-Aid?
April 3, 2019Kicked by a Footnote
March 29, 2019Are Phone Companies “Allowed” To Stop These Illegal Robocalls?
March 25, 2019FCC Enforcement Affirms Providers’ Ability and Expectation to Mitigate Illegal Calls & Share Info
March 25, 2019Google on Robocalls: Not Quite Right
March 23, 2019Making a Very Bad Day Even Worse
March 15, 2019Legal but Unwanted Calls
March 7, 2019Stopping Calls at the Source
March 1, 2019Welcome!