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Stopping Illegal Robocalls Where They Start

This page provides guidance on the use of the portal.

1. Initial Contact Setup

When a new contact at a network provider is added to the system an initial welcome message is dispatched via email. The welcome message contains a link that logs into the portal.

LCO Welcome Message

No action is required. This message informs the recipient that they’ve been added to the system.

2. Traceback Request

When a downstream provider reports traffic that was passed to them by your network you will receive a Traceback Request via email. The message includes the call details from the downstream provider and a secure link that logs you into the portal where you add hop details.

Traceback Request Message

Note that time is always expressed as UTC.

3. Adding Hop Details

The link included in the traceback request leads directly to a form where hop details are entered. Complete the form and click Save to update the hop details. Scroll down to see more information about the incident and campaign.

Hop Details

The form includes:

Call received from, available options include:

  • Various providers already entered in the system – choose the one from which you received this call.
  • Provider not listed – Select if the upstream provider isn’t shown. Enter: provider name, contact email address and telephone number.
  • This hop is origin – Select if the call was originated by your customer. Enter originator details in the box.
  • Call not found – Select if you find no record of the call. Add any further explanation in the box.

Add a comment for this hop – A text field that can be used to indicate anything else that might be useful. For example, the name of a specific gateway that received the call. In most cases, comments won’t be necessary.

Upload a PDF – Used to attach longer or non-text information to the hop record.

4. Hops Menu

The Hops menu displays a list of all of the hops for a given provider. If you have multiple hops waiting to be completed, the email you receive might be slightly different from that shown above and the link will bring you to this display, where you can select each hop individually for data entry.

Hops Menu

As you complete hops, this display will track your response time in the “Elapsed” column. Hops waiting for your response will normally be shown at the top of the list.

5. Providers Menu

The Provider menu shows some summary information across all your hops, and gives you access to the contact list for your company.

Providers Menu

The user can:

  • See the current statistics relative to the provider.
  • View/Edit the basic information about the provider, including the manager contact.
  • Access the list of Hops assigned to the provider.
  • View/add/remove Contacts at the provider, and set who receives the new hop email notifications.

6. Personal Profile Menu

The Personal Profile menu, indicated by the gear icon and the user name, is where the user-specific details are accessible.

Personal Profile Menu

The user can:

  • Edit their Name.
  • Set their time zone.
  • Change their passphrase.
  • Permanently disable their profile (cannot be undone.)

You can’t modify the email address here, but you can update the Provider Contact List (see section 5 above).