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Stopping Illegal Robocalls Where They Start


David Frankel I’m a telecommunications entrepreneur based in Silicon Valley, California. Curious about the technology, I took apart my first telephone in 1974. I’ve tried to keep up ever since. In my day job, I run a web- and phone-based collaboration service. In 2013, a friend told me about the FTC’s Robocall Challenge, and ever since then, I’ve devoted some of my energy to addressing that problem. I’ve been working with the FCC, the phone companies, industry groups, and even the courts. But obviously my efforts haven’t borne much fruit, because the problem just keeps getting worse.

I’m going to use this blog as an outlet for my observations, suggestions and frustrations. I’m trained as an engineer, so you should expect most of what you see here to be grounded in facts and data. If you see something that’s incorrect, please bring me the data so I can post a correction. I love collaborating and I love appropriating good ideas from others (hopefully giving credit where due). Feel free to get in touch for a brainstorming session.

This blog is set up to accept comments, so please share your thoughts. You will be asked to provide a verified email address – we do that to avoid getting spammed. (And we’ll delete spam that does sneak through, so you may see a few comments disappear.)

I don’t have any economic interest in the robocall problem. I use profits from my collaboration business to fund my anti-robocall efforts because I think it deserves critical attention that isn’t provided by other potential sources. And I work on it because I’m a problem-solver, and robocalls are a tough problem. Who doesn’t like a good challenge?

– David Frankel

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